“Blow us a Kiss” Fundraiser

This week, on 4/18, we’re turning 25—yes, that’s right, a quarter century of
love and service to Santa Cruz.

For 25 years, 1,000 people weekly have benefited from our accessible,
affordable, movement programming.

So give us a little love this week!

Blow A Kiss—$5
Sterling Silver Kiss—$10
24 Karat Kiss—$24
Platinum Kiss—$50 (to show you want us around for another 25 years)
Send a Big Bunch of Virtual Birthday Balloons—$100
Buy a Huge Birthday Cake—$250

Or…give another amount that isn’t listed!

Our Goal: $2,500

Your donations will help us refinish our floors and fill our victory chest as
we prepare for our upcoming move.

Your donation, no matter the size, it just right.

Click here to donate now!