Flight School 101

Fly, Float, Fling, and Fall
a 6-week Contact Improv class by Daniel Mollner

Tuesdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
May 21 – June 25

Cost: $98 (early reg online $93)

“Flying” is one of Contact Improv’s greatest joys. Lifting and being lifted,
floating with the support of a partner, a Yes sudden rise and fall in the
dynamic exchange of weight. An impulsive leap and a creative catch or
deflection…all these things are available to us if we are willing to take a few
risks AND learn some basics principles. In this way (along with some
effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques) we are able to
increase safety, heighten enjoyment, and expand our sense of possibility.

You will learn:
* specific verbal and non-verbal “flight cues”
* pathways and strategies for falling/landing
* effective methods for transferring weight
* low level vs. “high-in-the-sky” flying
* multi-axis core connection and inversion
* plus many more helpful hints and approaches for ease and exhilaration

This class series is only offered once a year so be sure to be there if you’ve
been yearning to develop and grow in this area.

All levels of experience are welcome. You can choose your engagement
level at anytime or totally refuse a particular activity. You are always at
choice in any of my classes!

Guide and facilitator Daniel Mollner with guest teachers Leralee Whittle,
Abby Pistoni, Brandon Stewart and Jo Birns supporting.

Cost: $98 (early reg online $93)

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