Pathways: Essentials of Ecstatic Dance

Wednesdays 10:30am – Noon
May 22nd – June 26th
a six week class series

$90 Series/$20 drop in

Do you sense greater, untapped potential for your dance experience?
Do you want to move with more confidence and freedom?
Have you seen other people moving in ways that inspire you and wondered how they do that?

What would your dance experience be like if you had more knowledge
about how dance “works” and an opportunity to practice that in a safer,
more supportive environment?

Pathways is a facilitated ecstatic dance “class” exploring the essentials of
free-form movement. Facilitated by Daniel Mollner, this six class series is a
powerful, playful opportunity to grow and expand as a mover! Each class
will have a balance of music, dancing, and instruction. Daniel will demo
each activity and then hold you in the process of exploration. The learning
process will be occasionally supported by group shares, dyads, and
question/answer sessions.

You will learn how to:
— Express yourself more fully
— Access more creative flow
— Expand your body awareness
— Cultivate more patience and acceptance for your challenge spots
— Increase your range of motion
— Connect with self, other, and group dynamics
— Experience more joy and satisfaction as an embodied human!

This is six class series with Daniel Mollner. You are encouraged to sign up for the whole series (and there is a big discount for doing so!) but drop-ins are welcome too.

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