Learn to articulate your desires and
boundaries on the dance floor.

Sunday, July 28
12 PM – 6 PM
At The 418 Project

Kinetic Intimacy builds intimacy and closeness through conscious non-
verbal communication.

You will refine your relationships with intimacy and your personal
boundaries through movement and partnered dance connection.

Early Bird Registration:
$52 (via PayPal to
Partial scholarships available (DM Avatar – Tim Ferguson)

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Shantala Davis is a spokesperson for building
better systems around consent culture in dance

What is Shantala’s mission?
“My mission is to create safer containers for dancers to freely play
and connect with deep mutual love and respect. To honor our own
vulnerabilities and teach skills that inform how to play in the bounds of

Her thoughts on embodied sexuality in dance spaces
“I think it is important for us to be able to access our ‘sexual life force
energy’ without feeling fear around unwanted touch. My desire
is to celebrate that sexual vitality in ways that feel nourishing
and empowering.”