AUDITIONS: The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts

Saturday and Sunday
November 9 & 10  
2 – 5 pm

Impact Creative
155 Dubois St C-D
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Play to open April 22 (Earth Day) and will run for two weekends in May at The 418 project.

“Addiction is another name for longing,” says Mer, one of the characters in the play.

Most of us know addiction in one way or another. As citizens of the Western developed world, for example, we tend to consume too much (those of us who can) while Earth’s resources dwindle. And yet, consumerism notwithstanding, we are rarely sated, yearning for something that defies description, while the planet titters on the brink.

The play, which takes place during the meeting of addicts, investigates the predicament of addiction on the level of the individual and collective soul. It attempts to uncover the inner roots of the perpetual ‘never enough.’

To the Actors

You are invited to audition for the play The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts and for the accompanying art film (title undetermined).

Please bring a monologue and a song, although a song is not required. 

First, a word about the play. Act One is fully scripted and ready for a more or less traditional rehearsal process. Act Two, however, becomes an immersive experience created through an interplay of improvisation and text, an ongoing creation in which all performers participate. So be warned: you may have loads of creative fun. 

Whether you are an experienced performer who loves improvisation and devised theater, or you have not performed in years but have a burning desire be on stage, come one, come all!

Character Descriptions

White, twenty-something. Stylish nihilist (punk / goth.) Super rich, but hides it. Wants to be an artist (rapper, painter) who challenges the status quo. Daddy issues galore, coupled with Mommy trauma, which she bottles up. Can’t decide how do herself in just yet. Has apocalyptic fantasies. Addict-in-the-making.

Twenty-to-thirty something. A former run-away teen, now an addict-drifter and a paramour of a drug-dealer, from whom she also runs. Carries loads of nervous energy and pent-up rage. Wanted be a naturalist as a kid but got mightily put off. Snarling, quick-witted, soulful. Coyote’s her familiar. Meth.

Late 30s to early 40s. Veteran with PTSD. Anorexic and remote, but hauntingly alluring all the same. A nature empath, longing for a deep connection with the Earth, whom she experiences as both sentient and wounded. Has difficulty negotiating ordinary life. Hears voices that others can’t hear. Opioids.

Peaches (Must have a strong voice)
Indeterminate age (ancient and young) A homeless street preacher, mystical poetess and performer-provocateur. Personification of Gaia, broken and fearsome. Her singing voice raises storms. Nothing about her inspires fuzzy feelings about ‘return to nature’. She is a queen of bones, trash and flowering ruins. Brews magical teas to induce visions. Hallucinogens.

Late 50’s to late 60’s. Breathless ex-hippie, still looking the part (colorful clothing, long hair, beads.) An aquarist and a lover of inspirational quotes, she tries but fails to remember the trauma lodged in her past. Works for individual and planetary healing but becomes easily overwhelmed, shifting between wisdom and bewilderment. Marijuana.

In her 30’s or 40’s. Enthusiastic consumer of all things shiny and new. Cries easily without knowing why. Favors superficial enthusiasms over the depth of feeling, which she fears. Identifies with birds that enact her own desire for flight, acquired after an intolerable childhood event. Food and shopping. 

White, in her 40s to early 60’s. Confident, managerial type. Disdains emotional exploration. Ambitious and practical, she embodies the American ideal of progress, but is tormented by ancestral sins that she represses. Her controlled exterior belies volcanic emotions within. Alcohol.

​Note: Only two out of seven characters are specifically designated as Caucasian. Performers of color are strongly encouraged and invited to audition.

Now, the Art Film

We want to capture the essence of the play in a filmic form because now, more than ever, any artwork that addresses issues of deep ecology needs to be disseminated as widely as possible to encourage continued emergence of ecological consciousness. Think YouTube and Film Festivals. The sky’s the limit, unless it falls down on us, in which case that’s a limit, too. But we hope to help avert all such catastrophes, ecological or otherwise, and participate in a planetary healing as much as we can. The film – as well as the play – serves that goal. 

We have amassed a great team of artists that will increase in number as the project unfolds. Come audition and join us in the effort!


For more information, check out our website.

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