Contact Improv Exploritorium

Contact Exploratorium: Totally unique. Totally fun.
Tuesday nights 6:00 to 7:30pm
Cost: $128 (early registration online $118)

Guide and facilitator Daniel Mollner

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Explore and learn Contact Improvisation using a delightful array of props, tools, and toys. This one-of-a-kind class series gives you the opportunity to practice and test out the principles of Contact Improvisation (its inherent movements, techniques, and awarenesses) with very special, very helpful “teachers”. Physioballs, foam rollers, a balance staff, elastic bands, crutches, sandbags, yoga swings, a hammock, bungee harnesses, and even an overstuffed couch!

We will then dance with each other to explore how what we learn from the objects transfers into our movement with human bodies.

This class series is only offered once a year so be sure to be there if you want to play and learn with an awesome group of people.

All levels of experience are welcome. You can choose your engagement level at anytime or totally refuse a particular prop or activity. You are always at choice in any of my classes!

IMPORTANT: Please do not wear jeans or things with buttons, buckles, or anything pointy or sharp. Also no watches or jewelry please. Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing you can move in. Bring both a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt if possible. A water bottle as well, if you like.

Remember to register ahead of time and save $10!
Info and registration here: