Our Offerings

All of our offerings are in-person at this time. Some have options to participate online.

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Mondays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Drop-in $15
Beginners and all levels welcome!

418 25

Dandha’s Afro Brazilian Dance is an invitation to explore the rich world of Afro-Brazilian Dance traditions with a gifted and dedicated teacher. Her classes focus on folkloric and Orixa-inspired dance, Samba-Afro, and samba reggae, and other Brazilian dance styles and feature live drumming. Everyone will find challenge and inspiration in her dancing and teaching. All levels and all backgrounds welcome.

We are centering around equity and discovering what this looks and feels like. We are humbly striving to create an antiracist space to move freely and to embody diversity, equity, and inclusion as an intentional community of movers and shakers. We don't know exactly what this will look like however we are open to ideas and would love feedback. If you have suggestions, please submit them in writing to one of the facilitators or the suggestion box.

Sunday Celebrations with Rev Deb of Inner Light

First Sundays of the month: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

This event is free for all, however you must sign up to attend:

Join us as we uncover our blind spots and learn more about creating equitable outcomes—together.

Meditation/breathwork/movement are part of this event lead by Brian Edgar.

Upon request a recording will be available afterwards if you can not attend inperson.

Please contact community@the418project.org


Rev. Deborah L. Johnson is the founder of Inner Light Ministries, an omnifaith spiritual
community in Santa Cruz, California, celebrating its 25 th anniversary. A dynamic diversity consultant and trainer, organizer, strategist, facilitator, public speaker, and spoken word artist, she is known for her ability to bring clarity to complex and emotionally charged issues. A co-litigant in two California landmark civil rights cases, her life-time social justice work has been featured in many multi-media venues and garnered numerous lifetime achievement awards. Author of “The Sacred Yes” and “Your Deepest Intent,” her passion is building “The Beloved Community” and healing socio-political/cultural divides. Wherever she goes, her message is one of transformation, inclusion, empowerment, and possibility.

Cielito Lindo Tango Practica with Israel

Wednesdays 7 - 10 PM with Israel Bibriesca

Come join us for a fun night of Argentine Tango Practica at The 418 Project! The dance floor we enjoy in the main lobby is large enough to be divided into two areas, one designated for learning the basics & the other for sequence practice for beginners. This offering requires proof of vaccination, the use of a mask during class is optional.

Cost is $8 dollars per person, for a lesson from the very finest Tango has to offer.

Dance Church

Sundays 11:00am – 1:00pm
Suggested donation  $10-$25
All ages welcome!


Dance Church is a place to deepen into dance, to lighten up your heart, and make new friends. There is no particular set way or form, no right or wrong ways to move. This event is family-friendly. Children are welcome.

We value your embodied expressions in a mindful community.

We are centering around equity and discovering what this looks and feels like. We are humbly striving to create an antiracist space to move freely and to embody diversity, equity, and inclusion as an intentional community of movers and shakers. We don't know exactly what this will look like however we are open to ideas and would love feedback. If you have suggestions, please submit them in writing to one of the facilitators or the suggestion box.

Online via Zoom
the418project.org/dance-church for video and mixlr.com/the-418-project for higher quality sound

Roller Dance

Coming soon!


Description coming soon!

Dance Journey

Every Monday Night, 8-10pm

Facilitated by local DJ's Deanna Renee, Molly XO & Presencia

$15-$25 Sliding Scale

No one is turned away for lack of funds

Dance Journey is an ecstatic dance* experience and movement practice for diving deep within your body, heart & soul. We are a female-run dance, but we welcome all humans to our dance space! We hold a strong, safe container to support you in a movement practice that will help you express, release, tend to, and expand.


• Safety • Diversity & Respect

• Honesty & Authenticity • Accountability

• Deep Listening • Depth



DEANNA RENEE: Deanna Renee is an ecstatic dance DJ, embodiment facilitator, and wilderness rites of passage guide. Her passion for movement and earth-based spirituality permeate throughout her organic and sensual DJ style. Her sets have been described as medicinal, feminine, playful, inspirational, international, soulful and heart-centered. She loves to mix world music, percussion, earth sounds, and inspiring lyrics. Deanna channels her visceral passion for dance, music, culture and the Earth through her music journeys.

You can listen to her SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/earth_embodied

And you can check out her Earth work here: https://www.earthembodiedcollective.com

MOLLY XO: Molly grew up on the East coast dancing and singing to the music of her childhood era. She developed a passion for music and dancing and keeps that going now behind the decks. Her musical choices range from liquid dub, latin, afro house, trance, trap, reggaeton, lyrical and moving epic tracks intended to take you through the rainbow of emotions. She believes music and dance has the power to heal. Dance is medicine.

PRESENCIA: Presencia (Chelsea Amber) started DJing in Feb. 2021. Her aim is to create medicinal journeys for us to move to and remind us all of our Divinity. The name "Presencia" comes from her strong internal value to remain present in every life moment and creative process, including creating musical journeys. Her musical curation has been inspired by the west coast bass underground scene she grew up around, her years living and teaching in Central and South America, her yoga journey, and nature. She is an nature wanderer, Ecstatic Dancer, DJ and Facilitator, yoga teacher, and holistic body worker and she's stoked to be a part of this project. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-762463379

Mic Drop

Last Sundays of every month

5 PM sign up | 5:30 Open Mic


Mic Drop is an “All the Way Open”  Open Mic!  featuring a featured artist & spotlight artist - $5-$25 sliding scale - 5 minute sets available, all modalities of expression welcome and encouraged. Humans exploring ways to creatively express themselves; whether it be polished or deconstructed, kept and tattered alike, can be such a beautiful mosaic when brought together in community. We are honored to be able to provide a stage for those courageous enough to share themselves. We aim to bring together seasoned & new artists in a supportive, safe space to cultivate growth in a vibrant, fun, playful and uplifting environment.


Follow us on Instagram: @_.mic.drop._




Axis Syllabus with Miranda Janeschild

ThE UnDuLAtiNg BoDy // 12pm -1:30pm // Class Drop in: $25 - $35 Sliding Scale
Need Financial Help? Contact us! Miranda - http://www.mirandacompany.com | Sebastian - http://www.bodywagging.dance


A dance class to examine the undulating spine and its connections to the pelvis, ribcage & head as a receptor and transmitter of energy. Our dancing will cultivate a deep sense of the subtle spine, listen to internal cues that indicate safe spinal articulations, and discover how undulations allow for easy movement transitions.

Circle Dance - Maureen Atkins

Mondays 3-4pm. Sliding scale, $3 - $5


No one is turned away for lack of funds.  Beginners Welcome. Maureen Atkins has been teaching since 1995.  She has taught in many settings:  Dance Camps, retreats, for private parties, church services, schools and senior centers and has collaborated with musicians.  Other venues include The San Francisco Free Folk Festival and Pantheocon.  Currently Maureen leads a group in Ben Lomond and has a group in San Leandro that she has faithfully been holding since 2009.  She co-facilitates with The Bay Area Circle Dancers in the SF Bay Area.  "I love what I do!!"

Circle Dance is Community Dance.  Dancing together can be very meaningful and heartfelt as some of these dances honor and celebrate life like seasons, births, deaths, people, our pets or nature.  Some are lively and playful.  Some promote a peaceful feeling.  Great world music too, and, most of all, we have Fun!  "Joyward, In All Directions!"

Queer Munch/Rope Jam with Cass & Devon, @DualDemons

Most Thursday Evenings from 6pm - 10pm - Tickets: dualdemons.org //Instagram:  @DualDemons


Our purpose is to create a safe, welcoming, and trauma-informed queer-driven space where people can explore and express themselves. As educators and community organizers, we have been focused on facilitating spaces where people, particularly those new and inexperienced, can build out and discover things that bring them joy in the company of like-minded people who have differing levels of experience and perspective. We believe that a diverse coalition of people allows for a community that is truly supportive and representative of all. $10-20 sliding scale for the rope jam, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Offered *Most* Thursdays, Check our Big Theater Calendar for class times & dates.