Current Classes

All of our offerings are in-person at this time. Some have options to participate online.

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Mondays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Drop-in $15
Beginners and all levels welcome!

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Dandha’s Afro Brazilian Dance classes are an invitation to explore the rich world of Afro-Brazilian Dance traditions with a gifted and dedicated teacher. Her classes focus on folkloric and Orixa-inspired dance, Samba-Afro, and samba reggae, and other Brazilian dance styles and feature live drumming. Everyone will find challenge and inspiration in her dancing and teaching. All levels and all backgrounds welcome.


Tuesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Drop-in $12
Beginners and all levels welcome!


Let's welcome new instructors Joan Fenwick & Dax Mills!

Worldanz is a rousing, high-intensity kinesthetic fitness program that exposes participants to a compelling range of dance forms and musical styles. Worldanz works to earnestly expand the dancer’s skill set through its distinct incorporation of unique movement challenges and absorbing dance rhythms. Its fusion of modern and traditional movement forms into a powerful anaerobic format designed to challenge the strongest of athletes while still being available to anyone wanting to move, learn and play.

Visit for more information about Worldanz

Ecstatic Dance

Wednesdays 8pm – 10pm
Drop-in $15
Beginners and all levels welcome!

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Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement space. Move however you wish. And you are always at choice about whether you want to dance solo or with other people.

You can expect a two-hour, DJ'd musical "journey." Music for the first 10-15 minutes is ambient and downtempo for you to arrive, warm up, and stretch as you like. The tempo begins to build gradually from there reaching a peak or catharsis in the second half of the dance. Afterwards the music comes down softening and slowing towards the end for relaxation and rest as we conclude the dance.

Brazilian Samba

Thursdays 6pm – 7:30pm
Drop-in $15
For immediate and advanced movers

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This class includes a warm-up of body conditioning & basic techniques, followed by building of choreography. Classes mostly include Samba No Pé (Rio style Samba) and Samba Reggae (Samba mixed with Reggae). Various styles may also be incorporated, such as Samba de Roda (Samba community circle) and Orixa (Dance of the Elements of Nature).

Dance Church

Sunday 10:00am – 12:00pm
Donation $10-$25 suggested
All ages welcome!


Dance Church is a place to deepen into dance, to lighten up your heart, and make new friends. There is no particular set way or form, no right or wrong ways to move. This event is family-friendly. Children are welcome.

We value your embodied expressions in a mindful community.
We are centering equity, and discovering what this looks and feels like. We are humbly trying to create an antiracist space to move freely and to embody diversity, equity and inclusion as an intentional community of movers and shakers. We don't know exactly what this will look like however we're open to ideas and would love feedback. If you have suggestions, please submit them in writing to one of the facilitators or the suggestion box.

Online via Zoom for video and for higher quality sound