Dance Church

Virtual Community Dance
Sundays 9 - 11 AM

Suggested donation
$10 - $20

Got two people on one screen?
$15 - $25

Right now your contribution means a lot! During our compassionate shelter in place, Dance Church is the main (and "virtually" the only) income source for the 418 Project. If the 418 Project and Dance Church mean something to you, pitch in and make the world more wonderful.

Choose which option applies to you and get your Zoom and Mixlr info!

Host a Dance Church Pod!

Let's stay safe and connected this summer

Dance Church pods are unofficial, in person gatherings where you stream Dance Church on Sunday mornings and create a safe place for people to dance with one another.

Here’s how it helps: It helps our amazing community stay connected, healthy, and embodied; promotes mental, physical, and spiritual health and growth; and financially supports The 418 Project so we can officially reopen as soon as it is safe.

Here is what a Dance Church pod looks like:

  • Somewhat limited in attendance (not more than 20 dancers)
  • Safe place outdoors with plenty of social distance room (6ft apart)
    -  i.e. a park, a back yard, a property...
  • Optional in-person social distanced closing circle
  • Good internet or cellular connection for streaming
  • Putting out a basket for donations (all proceeds go to the DJ and The 418 Project)
Email us at if you’re interested in hosting a pod.

Dance Church Pod Agreements:

  • Please wear a face covering to enter the pod
  • Remain 6 ft away from anyone you are not COVID bound with
  • Please be prepared to wear your face covering if you need to get closer than 6 ft

    Thanks for keeping our community safe! *Muah!*


  • 9-9:15am  Welcome, Zoom and Audio Tech, Opening Circle, Invocation
  • 9:15-10:45am  Live DJ set and Movement Exploration
  • 10:45-11/11:15am  Closing, Heart shares, Community Announcements
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