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The Cyborg Project is an immersive performance held both in-person and virtually that combines dance, film, sound, light, costume, and technology to explore our bodies’ hybridization with new technological advancements. Combining dance with AI, VR, AR, and Robotics, The Cyborg Project aims to explore a reality in which the dualisms between machines, animals, and humans are no more. Throughout the show audience members will be able to wander around live at The 418 Project in downtown Santa Cruz, or digitally through our 3D model, to choose their own adventure, and interact in real-time to affect the course of the show.

Whether we like it or not we are a part of a digitalized planet and with the dangers and opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution approaching, the question is; how will we learn to adapt and reckon with the potential of our technological future? Could it be that our next evolutionary leap may be from human to cyborg? As stated by Donna Haraway, the author of A Cyborg Manifesto, “Why should our bodies end at our skin?”.


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