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For 25 years, The 418 Project has been here for more than 1,000 people every week.

Our class fees and studio rentals do not cover the costs of keeping The 418 Project’s doors open. We count on you, our community, and ask you contribute what you can, to support our growth and a secure home!

We thrive with the support of our generous donors:

$15,000+ Level
Gabrielle & Kenneth Adelman
Dance Church

$5,000+ Level
Mark Schneider

$1,000+ Level
Diane & Sean Atsatt
Ross Ferguson
Ursula Lamberson
Ross Levoy/Leatherwise
Santa Cruz Tango

$500+ Level
Margo Chisholm
Ecstatic Dance
Timothy Duncan
Frankie Ferguson
Inner Rhythm
Armand Ruby
David Walter
Scott Young

$100+ Level
Jeanette Bent, Laura Bishop, Lisa Christensen, Open Circle, Beatriz Ehrenfried, Jennette Greenlee, Cherie Hung, Karen Isaacson, Dana Ingersoll, Kaleo Kaluhiwa, Douglas Kasle, Laura Kreuger, Dave Levan, Val Leoffler, Hamid Martin, Beverly Molina, Daniel Mollner, Jon Neff, G. Olerich, Sarah Marie Parker, Andrew Purchin, Nancy Ragey, Eric Ruby, Langdon Roberts, Lyn Siemon, Reghardt van Rooyen, Charity Dasenbrock, Dana Ingersoll

Donor Level
Alyssa Barne, Len Beyea, David Ginsberg, Phyllis Greenleaf, Stan Grindstaff, Charlotte Liest-Williams, Christie Love, Katherine Nash, Deborah Peri, Marie Romesberg, Emily Ruby, Sunny Skye, Erica Stanojevic, Kyle Stewart, John Stoddard, Anonymous