4/18: A New Beginning Community Ritual

(Drum Roll)…we know you’ve been curious. We are going just a few blocks to...

155 River Street South, the old Riverfront Theater!

Yes, we are going to create some 418 magic in that big empty old theater near Trader Joes on the river.

Sunday, 4/18, will be a chance for you to (safely with social distancing and masks of course) experience our studio and leave some memories there, and then drum and dance down the river and enter our new space for New Beginnings.

We will have Community Altars at both locations so you can contribute your memories, dreams, and visions, with a hosted Zoom so that you can be a part of the celebration no matter where you are.

Included in the event will be drumming by some very special people.

Stay tuned for more information!

For questions and inquiries about the event, please email us at community@the418project.org.

More information coming soon!

Meet the Crew

The 418 Project and this event wouldn't be possible without the help and the hard work of our community members. While our numbers are large, we'd like to shine the spotlight on the volunteers at the heart of organizing this ceremony.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown has been dancing at The 418 since the late 90s. He discovered community in this funky, sacred space, and that discovery profoundly changed his life. He served on the board of directors and as Executive Director. He is also one of the founders of Dance Church and continues to be committed to ensuring that people have the opportunity to grow more fully into themselves through the power of creative self-expression.

Ruselle Revenaugh

Ruselle Revenaugh has been dancing in Santa Cruz since the 80s.  After moving in 2000 to CO for her mid-life process in co-housing community, she found Dance Church was a place to feel at home and in community while visiting. Finding her way out of performing and into her own dance as a spiritual practice, she needed a place to practice and play with others following similar prompts.  Settling back in to Santa Cruz life around 2010, she found the 418 welcomings, and her need to create community anew eventually met by the need for the 418 to find a forever home. The reality of this home being demolished and developed into something unrecognizable was very motivating.  She worked with other members as the Transition Committee, a temporary version of the Dance Church Council, which she remains an active part of today/still.  Ruselle is deeply committed to creating healthy relationships, including somatic practices that help us to connect to ourselves and each other.  Community and Home have always been priorities!  She has a vision for our new space being a healthy, happy, safe and supportive place for locals and world travelers to connect and feel at home, to move and be moved!

Andrew Purchin
Andrew Purchin

The 418 floor first said hello to Andrew Purchin sometime around 1998 - 2000 as his ankles let him fall forward and backwards, while the crown of his head felt a line to a star and the palms of his feet sensed through that lovely floor to touch the center of the earth in Nita Little’s, Mind in Motion, a disciplined dance improv practice and performance class.  Also Andrew’s paintbrush moved to the gestures of the beings at dance church for many years. Hello and goodbye are a deep part of every moment and every dance and life score.  It is a joy and an honor for Andrew to facilitate this momentous ending and rebirth of our dear 418 with the Community Heart Transplant team.

Dandha Da Hora

Monday nights at her Afro-Brazilian Dance Class, Dandha Da Hora tells her students, "this is our church". The 418 Project is a place where she feels at home, where she feels safe. When Dandha arrived in Santa Cruz in 2004, she didn't know many people in the community and barely spoke English. A friend took her to the 418 Project, where there were already Brazilian dance classes and where she was recognized as a teacher from the source. Through the 418 Project, Dandha met the members of SambaDá and became the lead singer for the band. Many of the students that started dancing with her back in the day still come to her classes today. A lot of her long-time students met their partners at the 418, and now bring their kids to class with them.

In Dandha's words: "The 418 Project is a touchstone, where we know we will meet, connect, share and be together. I love the 418, the place, the energy, everything. It is a place that accepts me as I am and embraced the culture that I am here to share. I don't really even know what my life would be like without the 418."

Dandha Da Hora

Ceremony Itinerary

Dear One,

As we get closer and closer to the big event, we want to keep you in the loop with a staff's eye view. Below is our current itinerary for the event with more information on the way! Be sure to keep an eye on our social media or this webpage to stay up to date on this amazing event!

4-18Event Itinerary